hello tumblr users, trash speaking! in august, i start work/school again, and by december i’ll have a TON of cash. and i recently changed my url so.
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okay so you can win everything up there, but here’s a list anyways.

  • either a new special edition animal crossing 3ds or a new 2ds
  • Animal crossing: wild world, city folk, and new leaf!!
  • Pokemon X+Y, Black/White, and Black/White 2, ORAS
  • Any three goodsmile nendoroids of your choice!!
  • three hoodies or jackets, of any kind. (total under $130/ 95 euros)
  • three wigs from any website. can come in any color or style!!
  • four albums of your choice!! (google play, itunes, or in case/record)
  • Two games, for any platform!(xbox,xbox 360, playstation 2-4)
  • 3 plushes! (Turret, Sylveon, and Bocconcino)

If you don’t want any specific item, it can be exchanged for another item similar!!

rules are

  • gender/race/sex/religious stance does not matter
  • i’ll ship anywhere
  • you MUST be following me
  • likes/reblogs count
  • Ends December 5th
  • Good luck! try not to spam your followers.
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dont push bitch

can we just acknowledge how smooth that trip was like he must be a professional tripper or something

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#Dean never ignored his ‘nerdy’ baby brother #because for Dean #the only reason Dean is ‘cool’ is because Sam thinks he is 

I haven’t even seen a single episode but I think this is adorable

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The perfect representation of how awkward I am.


So I know the standards weren’t the same back then but…

, about The White Queen, I can’t be the only one thinking the whole “soul-mate love story” is going way too fast, right? Actually, the episode all together is going way too fast. The episode is literally. Boom. Boom. Sex. Sex. Boom. Sex. Boom. The end. Tune in next week. Its like they were trying to cramp all of it into an hour and had trouble doing so.
Am I seriously the only one who feels that way?

Teen Wolf Episode Highlight *Spoiler Alert for those who are behind. Like me*

I love how in one of the Season 1 episode highlights they show Stiles breaking a vending machine. Because, of course, with Lydia being bitten and in the hospital, the alpha being on the loose and everything else going on during the last few episodes; Stiles breaking the vending machine is an important thing to highlight.

Some GIF’s for all you Toby RPer’s out there. He makes so many priceless facial expressions in his latest video, it’s mind blowing.




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